Budget Formulation, Execution & Reporting for FDA



Federal Drug Administration Budget Formulation, Execution & Reporting


FDA’s Office of Financial Management (OFM) is required by OMB Circular A-11 (“Preparation, Submission, and Execution of the Budget”) to prepare, submit and execute their budget in a specific fashion. This requires FDA to have budget execution and budget formulation process that supports OMB A-11. We assessed the budget and formulation process and ensured that there is an accurate flow of data from the budget formulation to the budget execution process. We also ensured that data was consistent with the budget formulation process. We conducted a special review of the payroll forecasting process to resolve inaccurate forecasting of payroll dollars by ensuring that the last payroll period was used as the starting point for all forecasting periods to the right of the current period.


To improve budget formulation and execution, we provided technical assistance to implement performance scoreboards and dashboards that give instant, dynamic readouts of key business information to inform federal officials’ day-to-day decisions. We provided technical assistance to implement Oracle/Hyperion report. Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting, Fusion Edition (Financial Reporting) enables book-quality financial management and reporting targeted at meeting the unique requirements of the budget formulation and budget execution processes because it requires very highly formatted multidimensional reporting. Financial Reporting provides conditional suppression and automatic calculations that can be used to focus and filter reports. A graphical, object-based interface enables the rapid creation of reports that combine grids of data and text, charts, graphs, and images. A library of reusable report components simplifies and streamlines the process of building and maintaining complex reports. Users have complete control over layouts, formatting, fonts, and colors, as well as a flexible range of output options enabling wide distribution via print, HTML Web pages, PDF, and online viewing. A scalable, cross-platform report server facilitates easy deployment to large user communities. Lastly, reports and books can be dynamically scheduled, with the ability to generate and email separate report outputs for members in a dimension (bursting).

We also provided technical assistance to implement Oracle Hyperion Smartview which permitted preparation/management of Congressional Budget justification; Budget Book (with pdf or deployable HTML website, consolidated Agency budget book pages into a single document for version control and content management); and the Operating Plans Dashboard

Web Data Entry Forms. We used the application for budget preparation and analysis and personalized for stakeholder use via the web data entry forms (or Microsoft Excel forms). We used both to leverage Oracle’s Microsoft Office plug-in called Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office. The plug-in provided full Microsoft Excel functionality for the end user against a secure centralized database. Multiple staff worked on different parts of the same budget simultaneously with built-in security features and an instructional wizard to help guide planners. Our user-defined electronic workflow seamlessly moved budget data throughout the Agency to approvers with notifications and alerts based on defined business rules.

Integration with Source Systems. Sonora & Associates provided bi-directional integration with source systems for Agency financial and HR systems. We use actual financial/budgeting data from the Agency’s core financial systems and uploaded to Hyperion PSPB; we then developed allotments functionality to enable that data to write back to the general ledger. Users were able to upload actual payroll and staff data from financial/payroll systems—into Hyperion Planning application—to inform planning process and to compare plans with actual results or reports.


Based on our assessing and reviewing FDA’s budgeting/forecasting process and providing technical assistance, FDA is now able to to budget/forecast obligations out of multiple funding sources (including varioususerfeeCANs).also be projecting payroll, calculating and reporting FTEs, planning obligations, and tracking and monitoring triggers at multiple funding sources and allowed FDA to compare payroll projections and planning data against actual obligations from UFMS accurately and efficiently. In order to accomplish this, the application will be designed to mimic the accounting structure in UFMS

We provided technical assistance and simplified the creation of budget justification. We ensured the budget justification was a categorical description of the proposed cost into the budget formulation process. We ensured that budget justification explained staffing and supply/service consumption patterns, the methods used to estimate/calculate (including escalation or inflation factors) and other details such as lists of items that make up the total costs for a category. We also ensure that the budget justification addressed each of major cost categories (salaries, fringe benefits, equipment, travel, supplies, other direct costs and indirect costs), as well as any additional categories required by the government. We also simplified the Preparation/management of the budget book which is used for Congressional Budget Justification. We also redesigned the budget book as an HTML website, consolidated Agency budget book pages into a single document for version control and content management. Amongst our achievement was the Operating Plans Dashboard which permitted managers to develop operating budgets by the organization, program, and object class—with periodicity functionality for the frequency of reporting (daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly).


  • End-to-end experience with requirements, analysis, design, implementation of a budgeting/forecasting/reporting application with integration to general ledger.


Solution Set: Budget Formulation & Execution | Business Transformation Services

Tools: Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE), Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), Oracle Financial Data Quality Management (FDMEE), Hyperion Planning, Oracle Financial Reports, SQL, Oracle/Hyperion Essbase., JSP, HTML/JavaScript, J Query, JSON, HTML5