Custom Application Development

Sonora & Associates is a leading custom application development company. We have extensive experience in developing custom applications for businesses of all sizes. Our development methodologies are based on the latest technologies and trends, and we always focus on delivering a positive ROI for our clients. Contact us today to discuss your custom application development needs! Learn more about how we can help your business grow.

Sonora has extensive experience in custom application development that spans both small point solutions to larger enterprise-wide custom application development projects. At the heart of our projects, are best in class development methodologies, efficient business processes, organizational and employee productivity all delivered with a positive ROI for the implementing entity.

Having built numerous custom applications globally within different insurance verticals, we have broad business and technical skills that can provide a solution that works with your current environment or infrastructure. Sonora brings to your project, experience garnered from numerous custom applications built across federal and commercial entities.

Java Enterprise Software Development

Sonora can be considered a formidable leader in the field of Java Enterprise Software Development (formerly j2ee software development) for numerous enterprise (custom) applications, enterprise resource planning (ERP) customization and integrations, and sales force automation software development.

Our Java applications are built with integration to open source components in mind which range from reporting and business intelligence applications to custom java software development applications, or has been delivered as a custom software development project. As a premier systems integration company, Sonora can work side-by-side with your development team to perform major Java software development project or collaborate with your operations team while Sonora focuses on java software development and project management.

The Java Enterprise Edition platform allows Sonora’s skilled java software developers to create customized enterprise software development applications that are cross-platform capable and are scalable for integration with legacy technologies. Sonora has provided a variety of java development projects to a variety of industry verticals over the years and has also functioned in the capacity of consulting partner on a number of other projects. The role of a java or j2ee developer is expected to become increasingly important, with growing deployments of java-based languages, such as SAP NetWeaver and Apex programming language.

Contact us for a complimentary quote on your java development project! Let Sonora be your java software development and consulting partner.

As a leading custom software development firm, one of Sonora’s core competency is rapid software development of custom designed solutions including Java Enterprise Edition programs for businesses looking to increase functionality and usability of data information systems. The Java software development platform is well suited to such needs as many application programming interface specifications are included and coordinated. These include:

  • JDBC (Java Database Connectivity)
  • RMI (Remote Method Invocation)
  • Web Services
  • E-mail
  • XML
  • JMS (Java Message Service)

Net Application Development

Microsoft .NET framework has certainly played an integral role in the world with its unique offerings with multiple languages coding possibilities and a wide range of integration possibilities. .NET development is no longer just a legacy desktop application development platform. It has evolved into and found it’s footing within enterprise & consumer web applications as well as viable choice for extending windows-based device applications and OS on tablets and phone.

From its inception, Sonora has been involved with .NET programming. Our consultants have expertise ranging from initial 1.0 version of .NET to latest MVC based frameworks. With our ability to uniquely combine modern AJAX and JS based frameworks with ASP.NET, we have been able to successfully deliver high-end .NET based web software applications.

Many companies, federal, state and local agencies are heavily invested in systems that span a lifecycle ranging from legacy systems, newly build but custom applications written for their specific needs, to off the shelf products to. Multi-tiered .NET based software applications and API integrations have helped many businesses to get the information flow between these systems.

Sonora possesses strategic and operational implementation expertise in .Net’s integration options using web services to capture and retrieve the information from multiple systems.

Our work on specific .NET based software middleware solutions based on DLL, API or Web Services providing access to information that otherwise is hard to obtain through different software solutions.

Microsoft Sharepoint Application Development

Sonora’s SharePoint development teams have been helping organizations build collaborative and more intuitive and efficient workspace by delivering customized solutions using SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online. Our SharePoint experts will help you achieve real-time collaboration across all your departments and even with offices in different locations by allowing quick and easy sharing of information in a secure portal.

Our SharePoint consultants can develop solutions that provide:

  • Employee Portal
  • Business Process Automation
  • Enterprise Project Management
  • SharePoint Apps
  • Enterprise Search
  • Public Facing Websites
  • Enterprise Social Network
Microsoft Sharepoint Development

Sharepoint Consulting Services

Do you need to decide between SharePoint Online, its on-premises version and Office 365? Let our SharePoint experts guide you.

  • Comprehensive ROI Analysis
  • Infrastructure Consolidation
  • CMS Strategy Implementation
  • Current State Assessment
  • Architecture & Technology
  • Program Management
  • Data Integration
  • Legacy Application Assessment
  • Governance Development
  • Document Lifecycle Management