Oracle Hyperion Essbase

There is another option for businesses to rely upon instead of complicated spreadsheets with hard-to-manage formulas and lack of audit trails to determine the success of their businesses. Hyperion Essbase was specifically designed for business users as it streamlines forecasting to provide root cause identification, analysis of various scenarios, and future projections.

Oracle Essbase (Extended Spread Sheet Database) is the industry-leading multi-dimensional online analytical processing (OLAP) server. It provides a complete environment to effective develop custom analytic and enterprise performance management applications.

Why Choose Oracle Hyperion Essbase for Your Analytics Needs

  • It leads the industry because it provides fast query response times for a multitude of users utilizing large data sets and complex business models. It was developed specifically to address the lack of a spreadsheet’s ability to reliably forecast future scenarios.
  • Business users can quickly model the most complex business scenarios, including quickly developing and managing analytic applications that can forecast potential performance levels and incorporate possible scenarios that can impact business performance.
  • While Essbase is a Web software application, it also has a Microsoft Office extension called “Smart View,” which allows users to forecast or budget within Microsoft Excel itself.

Essbase Implementation Process

Sonora can increase your Essbase implementation and help your company gain the benefits of Essbase’s Online Analytical Processing (OLAP).

Our implementation method utilizes an approach that is done in phases. We transfer knowledge to clients so that they can take over the ownership and maintenance of future project phases, thereby cutting out external services and eliminating their costs from the budget.

We have utilized this method with many clients, thus having a track record of achieving maximum efficiency at minimal cost and risk. These clients are now able to easily discover performance trends and indicators, as well as determine any underlying organizational issues, from within their own data.